Frequently Asked Questions

Unique Document Identification Number (UDIN) is 18 digit unique number generated by UDIN Application for every certifications and audits by a Practicing Chartered Accountant/Registered Auditor Member of ICAN. It may be reflected in the related certification/audited financial statement for which UDIN is generated. UDIN application assigns unique identification number to every legitimate document issued by Practicing Chartered Accountants/Registered Auditors Members of ICAN after certification and every audit report accompanying audited financial statement by a Practicing Chartered Accountant Member/Registered Auditor Member of ICAN.
It’s objective is to provide assurance of authenticity of document certified by practicing ICAN members to investors, lenders, regulators and other stakeholders by simply entering UDIN in UDIN application. UDIN application provides the specific details related to certification / audited financial statement entered by practicing Chartered Accountant/ Registered Auditor member of ICAN which can be cross verified with document presented to various parties.
 The objective of UDIN Application is also to identify and take legal actions against nonmembers misrepresenting themselves as members of ICAN and providing services authorized to be delivered by ICAN members only as mandated by Nepal Chartered Accountants Act, 1997. The objective of UDIN is also to take legal action against ICAN members who certify/audit multiple statements without observing due procedures and standards prescribed by ICAN. Unique document identification numbers will be generated every audit/certifications for number of audits/ certifications performed by an ICAN member to the extent of limit allowed as per directive issued by the Institute. As such, members are automatically checked before providing audit/certifications service beyond the prescribed limit.
Institute does not levy any charge for the generation of UDIN. 
UDIN is highly secured as it requires one time password (OTP) for generating every UDIN which is sent only to registered mobile number and email address of the member requesting UDIN.
UDIN is required to be generated at least 15 days before or after signing of Audit Reports or Certificates by the member.
No document is required to be uploaded while generating UDIN.
Step 1: Login to UDIN portal.
Step 2: Click “Generate UDIN” from the menu bar.
Step 3: Select document type from the drop down menu. Enter/Select date of signing document. Enter 3 specific details related to certification / audited financial statement.
Step 4: Enter description of certification / audit.
Step 5: Click “Send OTP”. OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number/ email address.
Step 6: Verify OTP. Now UDIN is generated.
All members of ICAN having duly renewed and valid Certificate of Practice (CoP) can only register on the UDIN portal.
Signing partner of a Auditor Firm can only generate UDIN. 
UDIN is to be generated once only. If a copy of original (duplicate) document is to be issued on the request of the client/other stakeholders, same UDIN is to be imprinted on such copy.
Step 1: go to directly or through ICAN website
Step 2: click on “Register Here” or “Register”.
Step 3: Enter details such as membership registration number, name, email address, date of birth, enrollment year, and mobile number, create a password and submit. Such details must match with the record of institute submitted by member on application for membership and/or renewal.
Step 4: You will receive OTP in your mobile number.
Step 5: After confirmation of OTP, registration is successful.
For generating UDIN, a member has to register on UDIN portal. After that, he/she can just login and generate UDIN.
The date on which the Document is signed/ certified by the member is to be mentioned under this head.
1. Login
2. Click “change password”
3. Enter the current password.
4. Enter new password,.
 5. Click send OTP
 6. OTP will be sent on registered mobile and email.
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Click “Forget Password”.
Step 3: “Forget Password” form will be open, enter membership No., Date of Birth and year of Enrolment and click “Send OTP” An OTP will be sent on Registered mobile and email.
Step 4: Enter the OTP as received and click “Continue” On confirmation OTP as received, a Username and Password will be sent to registered email and mobile no.
In such case, UDIN can be revoked by mentioning the reason. Further, there is no time limit for allowing revocation.
“Documents Description” is the details of the document for which the UDIN is being generated and filled between 15 to 50 characters.
UDIN once generated cannot be edited. A preview option is available after entering all details for generating UDIN for verifying its correctness before Generation.
The Document type is to be selected. Thereafter, date of signing the document is to be mentioned. There are 3 fields for entering the financial figure/ values from the document and the description of figure / value so entered. Out of these, 2 fields are mandatory. If, there is no financial figure / value available in the document, zero is to be mentioned and in description it should be clarified that no financial figure / value is available.